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Monday, June 18, 2012

Stages of a Sweet Friendship

Stages of a Friendship Relationship

Friendship is a feeling of friendship love is a feeling of love and affection of another person. This feeling must be answered to make friendship possible. Friendship as tastes developed, feelings and emotions similar between people.

A friend in need is a friend to act. We found many friends at the time of prosperity. But most of them leave at the time of adversity. Only a true friend and loyal still with us at the time of need.

Money is an enemy of friendship. Its better to avoid the currency transaction between friends. Money matters to be treated very delicately.

We have found that honesty, trust, mutual understanding, positive reciprocity, empathy in friendship. Friendships which will open the door out of selfishness.

Friendship has two quality dimensions and conflict. The quality of friendship is important for a person and it also contributes to the closeness of friends and have a healthy and interactive fun such as friendship quality. The second dimension of the conflict, which connects with the quality of friendship. Friendship quality have a solution for conflicts that eventually led to a relationship stronger and healthier.

At early school age, friendship is basically sharing toys and other objects and enjoyment together. Friendships at this age is through love, sharing, and creative play time. When a child moves from early school age middle childhood, they become less personal and more aware of others. They begin to see their friends and have fun point play in groups with similar interests. It is necessary to teach a child that it is natural sometimes not accepted by others, but still positive for those of you that they have. To build good friendships at a young age will help a child be better acquainted in society later in their lives.

Relationships with friends are important for adults. Friends contribute to our satisfaction, give us a sense of competence, and self-worth. Related to friendship fun, spend time working together and sharing life experiences. Trust, respect and understanding, my friends believe that we act on our behalf. Help and mutual support between friends and share secrets with their problems. Friends are people we know and trust, and in particular to our social and emotional. Friends are often chosen among those who are considered similar to ours. We tend to select friends with whom we grew up with, with similar professional and at the same job and happen to have children the same age, have similar interests, and the same age and same sex.

Most adults have three or more friends and more than half of adults have ten friends. Men and women have the same number of friends, however, women can confide more in friendship than men. Men tend to enjoy active discussion and practice specific skills. Many times, parents in the neighborhood are all friends because they are around each other. Parents will often make friends with other parents on your child's interests and around each other a lot. Not all adults who know will end in friendship. However, it is likely that some will share common ideas and relationships.

In middle age, marriage, parents, and accelerate career development, both women and men reported fewer cross-sex friends. Also, when people marry, they often become dependent on their spouses and friends to meet social needs.

Long-term friends whom we can share our memories happen in our lifetime. Changes in life such as health or changes less disruptive retirement on long-term friendship. Short-term friendships help us to cope with changes affecting the role of our everyday, such as moving into a new area or starting a new job.

Keep our friends healthy. Social interaction with friends helps us live longer and healthier. Friendship is based on emotional support, and a tight network of friends can help us through the challenges in life.

The Eleven Stages of Friendship

Sometimes we meet the crazy friends can not believe that we can never know exist in our lives. But sometimes, as time goes by, the road that once started as innocent fun and made a line change - a different path. One way we can promise ourselves that we will never be a step above. The way that we commit, we will never walk.

And when this happens, we find ourselves becoming ... strangers again.

Stage 1: Meet
Stage 1 is the basic stage where it all started friendships. A simple 'hi' with a strange face, not knowing that one day they will become one of the most important person in your life.

Stage 2: The Chase
This is the stage that you click 'with them to a point that you can enjoy their company, you love every moment you're around them and basically, they are your # 1 priority. All you want to do in your spare time is going out with them. It does not matter how boring the plan and simple, as long as the company is - you can all set.

Stage 3: Honeymoon
This is the time that you absolutely love your show together and you pretty much want to do everything together. By the end of all, you can have the bazillion pictures of each other on facebook and heaps of fond memories will rush through your mind when you think about each other. But ultimately, "the fire began to simmer down.

Stage 4: Comfortable
Comfortable is not necessary bad, that's when we can truly be yourself. However, that's what we do with that 'comfort' that makes all the difference. Some use it positively and work on it to grow together while others use it to create distance. That's when we start to take each other for those that are in our lives for so long began to change. These feelings are not 'strong' as before. This could be happier than a few weeks, months, or even a few years of friendship.

Stage 5: Tolerance
Someone has played a key role to play a small role in your life. You start to drift away from them. It's not that you do not realize it, you do, but you do not pay much attention to it or you do not do anything to fix it. It happens so gradually that you do not notice it until you're on opposite ends of the spectrum. That way, you start to panic and you have no idea what to do.

This is the stage where you basically can not see eye to eye with them. Controversial and not understanding each other is one thing but feeling dissatisfied with the relationship is a larger problem - a problem of its own. At this point, you try to change and fix things. Right now, friendship is not bad, but it is not great either. And, let me tell you, it's never a good way to describe a relationship.

Step 6: Downhill
Stage 6 Basically not much time left once you're in this stage. Efforts to try and make things work is not worth it anymore because they do not seem to work. The problem continues, start the Cold War .. and at times, you do not even know what caused the cold war, you just know that you are in a cold war seems to never end. You want to 'out' but you can not find the exit. Stuck.

STAGE 7: Break.
This is where you leave it on good terms with each other. This is when we start a new path, which leads back to where we first started. Strangers. The change will be drastic and blunt. The gap will grow. Both moves, and new friendships with others will begin to form. And even if we both get past the past and try to remain friends, things will never be.

Our lives will continue in different directions, what we have shared memories will become thin. Everything will be left will be a tool box at random from a faded period of time when the stranger was one of the most important person in your life.

STAGE 8: Friendship is a gift from God. But friendship just does not happen, there is a related process. I beleive that there are four stages of friendship: the period of acquaintance, friendship simple, close friendship and intimate friendship. Each phase must be handled correctly so that the relationship is godly. We need God's guidance throughout the process.

STAGE 9: Known phase occurs when you first meet someone. A person familiar you become a normal person when you spend time with that person and ask the basic questions. At this stage, we shall have to ask God. "Why do people come across my path? You can send him or her?"

STAGE 10: Once you have gone through the stages of acquaintance and friendship with a normal person, you use the same standard to establish a close friendship. Here you decide on the degree of relationship should stay. If you would like to put a man in your life, then you move to stage friendship that involves best friends and even marriage.

STAGE 11: It is important that we teach ourselves to this process. After years of practice, set the type of relationship or is not for us, it will help us in our relationship to date. It will even help us know when we have found the person we married. Friendship is a great blessing in every stage.

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