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Friday, November 19, 2010

Am I in Love ?

Am I in Love ?

Is it Sweet love, crush or desire? How can I tell if I'm in love? Do I take some Am I in Love quiz? This is the most common questions and answers are still very complex. The answer is not easy. In some cases, love is misinterpreted as a famous person. They are some people that fall out of love quickly. Perhaps they were considering not like it after all love. Some are confused with desire.

Many people honestly speaking, new to this. This is a relatively new concept, and one does not know what to expect. This is confusing and may be overwhelming pressure on the part. So exactly, what is love? Do you have to end it? These are a few questions can be answered easily. However, where it describes how you would know we are loved. Are you in love quiz for that I need to take to do Am I not? You also do not require a bachelor's degree in social anthropology and philosophy to get an idea of what love is.

1. You're in love when you understand one another.
Your partner's something wrong, you feel that you understand what is going through a him immediately. All people will get a picture soon. If you are in love with the man, you immediately know it.

2. You're in love when you feel that you have butterflies in your stomach.
This may sound cliché, but it is reality. One person was so giddy every time they saw their loved ones. There is that strange excitement that people can not.

3. You're in love when you want to know everything about them.
Love can be a mystery. You will want to search and learn more about your partner. You feel that everything he said about the benefits your life. You love to talk to him and acknowledge him in all angles.

4. You're in love when you want to do something extra special.
Love can make a person want to surprise someone with small acts of kindness. You know you're in love when you surprise him with dinner. You make an effort to whip up some of your favorite dishes.

5. You're in love when you feel sad if your partner is hurt.
In love, the feeling is mutual. You get hurt when you see your partner cry. You sympathize with them. Furthermore, you do not want your partner to get hurt.

6. You're in love when you yourself more than any around.
What's great about being in love is no need to pretend to be someone you're not. He appreciates you for who you are. He does not mind if your hair is all messed up. He did not even mind if you're wearing an oversized shirt. He loves you for who you are.

Love is a wonderful feeling. They say that love is just a physical attraction. It was a decision to commit to someone. Love is like a part of your life with someone. You should be careful in choosing who to give your heart. You may end up with a broken heart if ever you decide wrong.


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