Sweet Frand

Friday, March 6, 2009

Yon odour that nadava in their lungs

Rummager would be a better word to describe the way in which it looked at in the mirror. If it at least could have imagined that would be so difficult respiration without him...
Not that it leaves-so, what it was impossible, but would have arrested his breath. In this way when it most feared arrived, it could forget-it more falcimente.
But life is not fair and also does not usually give announcements of precaution. Yes, he no longer and that was not surprising nor pra her that was with a "conqueror", as would call the Britney Spears.Although form was not return, but its smell still nadava those lungs fragile woman bad beloved. A woman who dared lie pra itself to give a meaning to life..
That arriscou all their soul by something that looked by third parties, as well as myself, would that she was striving for a nothing, because this would not be returning..

Of brokenhearted it learned that love is the most advanced state of vulnerability and that when the heart of the other, you the gives the power to leave-it in pieces also.
To make those wounds that you have the impression that neither the "pra always" may scar.


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