Sweet Frand

Friday, March 6, 2009

Making gray in color

These fire their eyes reflected envy and I burning a frequencia without equal... I will say that I feel sorry you so mediocre on me..
I am not proud and a phrase such does not correspond with my personality. But I would like to know what the problem, what is happening? I say what I have enough thee

offer, if all that I [I want to be] you ash,Ash from my happiness... To continue with rabies of my indifference..

TO you, pesso excuses in my way I do not think depths, if my perfume disperta smiles and whether those smiles abrilhantam still further to my skin... I contaminates,contaminates the all
These things belong to me and my be you cannot draw. No, that is not more than a text arrogant alguem that thinks. I think that is a text humble who no longer has anything to offer than the apathy.
Indifference to that you cannot get me!


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