Sweet Frand

Friday, March 6, 2009

eyes shouting and soul calls succour

Just one more day as the other, where the eyes are closed and the act of respiration seems so complex and complicated as a smash-head of thousand pieces.No obstacle to the touch of his hands. Body free, skin on effect of general anesthesia. Soul imprisoned, mind in a coma for an indefinite period.She always used his body as invitation of entry for verything, understand this as prefer but without comment, please. I would not like to think, because it was his head touch.
I would not like to love, because it was his heart latejar... She I only wish that the days go and that the long run, only that.was afraid of net in the other, to suffer for another, weep... fear... If occupying not think... If condemning in escape herself, she forgot that comes a time that does not give pra flee.
At some time the people is alone in the room and everything which may not be, is... eyes close and the flashback happens, the eyes shouting and soul calls succour.
We are forced, but not by another or by fear. We even, prisoners in crates of our soul. In a place where we will not see the sun birth square, but the heart birth burned...


Laisa Andreoni said...

Thank you for your feedback!
Where you found my blog?
see you

Anonymous said...

Hello ..
I'm good and you?
I loved the text of your blog.
I'm following you.


P.S sorry my english .. is weird;)

Anonymous said...

hi, How is it going?
how are things there?
and the news?
I came only to give a look in your blog
and try some communication with you, with my bad English and the translator of google.

well, this is .. will always be in my blog okay? ^ ^

P.S where are you?


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