Sweet Frand

Friday, September 18, 2009

Crying is a Good for Age

Crying is a product of age
Eyes with tears, namely a person crying and her face is long and comes in glow in the skin, so she looks young for a long time, but this is only possible when someone is suffering or other reasons out real tears. Leaves in various stages of differentiation is in tears. University of Florida researcher and renowned ophthalmologist Dr. James during his long research found suffocated inside and crying tears of anguish comes out in West Rs felt lighter and the person does. That's why pretty women than men, youth and longevity are seen as often than men: they cry more.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today's my BIRTHDAY

A message for everyone, make the most of toady and live life like there is no tomorrow. Kal Ho Na Ho....**BE HAPPY FOREVER**

Friday, March 6, 2009

eyes shouting and soul calls succour

Just one more day as the other, where the eyes are closed and the act of respiration seems so complex and complicated as a smash-head of thousand pieces.No obstacle to the touch of his hands. Body free, skin on effect of general anesthesia. Soul imprisoned, mind in a coma for an indefinite period.She always used his body as invitation of entry for verything, understand this as prefer but without comment, please. I would not like to think, because it was his head touch.
I would not like to love, because it was his heart latejar... She I only wish that the days go and that the long run, only that.was afraid of net in the other, to suffer for another, weep... fear... If occupying not think... If condemning in escape herself, she forgot that comes a time that does not give pra flee.
At some time the people is alone in the room and everything which may not be, is... eyes close and the flashback happens, the eyes shouting and soul calls succour.
We are forced, but not by another or by fear. We even, prisoners in crates of our soul. In a place where we will not see the sun birth square, but the heart birth burned...

From the windows of happiness

Elope! Date of the world and dream. Look around and levitate, levitation with a desire to be happy.

Sing! Unleash the voice and blow. Whispers strong words, words of love.
My, their and our. Our windows of happiness which insist locked.
Because today I decree the day Journal to be happy, the day Journal to embrace the world, look around and color. Look around and finally find, the butterflies of happiness which bring freedom for the souls tired of sleep.
My world is colorful with tones that vary red blue love of dreams, but you can vary. Dare in colors of the arc-iris and make it more harmony and crazy unusual that pass by

its head... That will make thee will smile and be happy!

Yon odour that nadava in their lungs

Rummager would be a better word to describe the way in which it looked at in the mirror. If it at least could have imagined that would be so difficult respiration without him...
Not that it leaves-so, what it was impossible, but would have arrested his breath. In this way when it most feared arrived, it could forget-it more falcimente.
But life is not fair and also does not usually give announcements of precaution. Yes, he no longer and that was not surprising nor pra her that was with a "conqueror", as would call the Britney Spears.Although form was not return, but its smell still nadava those lungs fragile woman bad beloved. A woman who dared lie pra itself to give a meaning to life..
That arriscou all their soul by something that looked by third parties, as well as myself, would that she was striving for a nothing, because this would not be returning..

Of brokenhearted it learned that love is the most advanced state of vulnerability and that when the heart of the other, you the gives the power to leave-it in pieces also.
To make those wounds that you have the impression that neither the "pra always" may scar.

Making gray in color

These fire their eyes reflected envy and I burning a frequencia without equal... I will say that I feel sorry you so mediocre on me..
I am not proud and a phrase such does not correspond with my personality. But I would like to know what the problem, what is happening? I say what I have enough thee

offer, if all that I [I want to be] you ash,Ash from my happiness... To continue with rabies of my indifference..

TO you, pesso excuses in my way I do not think depths, if my perfume disperta smiles and whether those smiles abrilhantam still further to my skin... I contaminates,contaminates the all
These things belong to me and my be you cannot draw. No, that is not more than a text arrogant alguem that thinks. I think that is a text humble who no longer has anything to offer than the apathy.
Indifference to that you cannot get me!

Friends,Blah blah blah... I will not hear any more!

The month of February will reaching [or better now] and with him is the return of a whole routine . Being the return to school or the return to work, there is a factor [read-if

problem or not] that we cannot ignore: the blah blah blah holidays.
IS that same conversation irritant, where its Amiga begins to count how flatboat Aunt Sicrana was and how it was perfect that Fulano that she was that typical sunny day
clear that it is normal own interest by events which we live, but there is a medium that must be stressed as important.
You want to tell all their babados but also there are others who also want, which is not everybody who has sac pra remain ouivindo histórinhas summer
The excess is not indicated for this type of situation [in all situations], unless you want to be dictated as boring [without notion] in the first day effective socialization in

turning the routine.